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Do you find it difficult to talk in an enclosed setting?


I often hear "I need to change"or "be the best version of myself" However, there is an  uncertainty of where to start. Nature can reduce stress & anxiety which causes blockages, allowing you to concentrate, gaining the ability to focus more effectively, bringing clarity to the areas you wish to work on. 


I understand  it can be scary to communicate our true selves, share our inner monologue,our shadow side. However, by allowing vulnerability to show itself, taking off the mask one wears for an hour, you can make  clearer sense of your current identity. 


Is there a discrepancy between present 'you' & how you wish to see yourself? Are you uncomfortable in your own skin. What method can you use to shift yourself closer to an alternative 'way of being'. Is it self esteem, self belief, confidence, self disipline you need to build. What are the barriers that keep you in a 'stuck' state of being. 


An initial call gives the opportunity to discuss what you wish to gain from our time together & how we can work to make movement happen. I'm here to support you in the process.


My role is a facilitator of change. I have expertise to understand the underlying reasons behind your behaviours,thoughts & feelings. Exploration & techniques can break detrimental cycles, allowing a sense of empowerment to come forth.


I offer unconditional understanding, high challenge of current thinking, support, Compassion, Warmth, Kindness


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